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Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet Writing Style

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Writing Style

In Vivid Detail

The writing style of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet is poetic and filled with vivid details that bring the setting—and particularly the World War II time period—to life. When Henry describes the evacuation of Nihonmachi, it's so clear you can almost see it:

A few blocks from the station itself, crowds filled the street. There was a mix of crying toddlers, shuffling suitcases, and soldiers checking the paperwork of local citizens—most of whom were dressed in their Sunday best, the one or two suitcases they were allowed packed to the point of bursting. Each person wore a plain white tag, the kind you'd see on a piece of furniture, dangling from a coat button. (26.35)

The writing style is filled with details, helping us position ourselves in a different era and ensuring that we are right there with Henry as all the drama unfolds.

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