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Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Speak Your American (1942)

  • One Monday, Henry dresses up in nice clothes for school and actually seems happy as he's getting ready. His parents are pleased to see he's settling into his new school.
  • After school, Henry and Keiko do their usual work duties and talk about how Keiko loves to draw and how she learned how to do it from her mother.
  • Then she reveals to him that she asked her mother about the Japanese phrase he said to her the other day, which totally embarrasses Henry. She says it was nice, though. Phew.
  • Henry decides he wants to go to the Black Elks Club to hear Sheldon play, and Keiko immediately says she's going with him. Their parents let them play outside for a while after school anyway.
  • He agrees, even though he has no idea how they'll get in. They're not black, for one, and they're too young to go into any clubs. But they'll figure it out.

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