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Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Marty's Girl (1986)

  • The next day, Henry hangs out in Chinatown and keeps walking by the Panama Hotel. When he finally gets home, he's surprised to find Marty sitting on the front steps.
  • Marty looks pretty nervous and Henry thinks back to all the arguments they had in Ethel's last year of life—when Marty wanted to move his mother to a nice hospice resort instead of having her stay at home.
  • When Marty tells Henry that they have to talk, he gets even more nervous. Then Marty tells him that he's engaged… and his fiancé is waiting inside the house to meet Henry.
  • This totally delights Henry, even though Marty is nervous because she isn't Chinese. Henry tells his son he doesn't care about that, though—he just wants Marty to be happy.
  • Then they go inside and are immediately greeted by a pretty blonde girl. She introduces herself as Samantha, and Henry gives his son a thumbs-up. Looks like Henry thinks Marty has himself a winner.

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