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Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Ume (1986)

  • As Marty and his fiancĂ© sit on the back steps, Henry works on pruning an old plum tree in the yard. The tree is exactly the same age as Marty.
  • Samantha tells him that Marty has told her all about Henry and that she can't wait to get to know him more. She's also sad that she never got to meet Ethel.
  • Then they start talking about jazz music and Henry is delighted to learn that Samantha knows about the old jazz musicians—she's even a fan of Oscar Holden.
  • Henry tells Marty he did a good job picking out Samantha, and then asks them both to accompany him to the Panama Hotel the following week. He doesn't tell them what they're going to do there.

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