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Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

Hello, Hello (1942)

  • That night, Keiko calls and tells Henry that she needs his help: She needs him to meet her at the park in an hour, even though it's late at night.
  • Henry stays in his room for the hour and waits for his parents to go to bed. When he can't hear noise from their bedroom anymore, he climbs out the window and walks along the streets all the way to Japantown.
  • He meets up with Keiko, who tells him she had to sneak out, too. There's a curfew now, and no Japanese Americans are allowed outside after eight o'clock. Whoa.
  • Keiko tells him she's sorry for making him risk sneaking out, but she has to hand over her family's photo albums for him to hide. Her parents told her to destroy them but she can't bring herself to burn all those memories.
  • Then she says goodbye to him and says she'll be at school tomorrow.

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