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Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

Tea (1986)

  • Henry meets up with Marty and Samantha at the Panama Hotel's teahouse. Marty is surprised because he always thought his father hated Japantown—after all, he refused to come here when Marty was growing up.
  • Marty has always assumed that Henry doesn't like Japanese things (just like Henry's father) but when Samantha asks him, Henry reveals that he hasn't come here in the past because it's too painful—he misses the way that Japantown used to be.
  • Then Henry leads them into the basement of the Panama Hotel and explains that he's here to look for something: an old Oscar Holden album.
  • When Marty asks him why, Henry just says that he gave his album to someone else a long time ago; he promises to explain the whole story if they find it, though.

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