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Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

Sketchbook (1986)

  • Back at the Panama Hotel, Henry, Marty, and Samantha have been digging through random items for a long time without coming up with the record.
  • Eventually, Marty pulls out some sketchbooks and tells Henry he should take a look. This gets Henry's hopes up and he runs over to check them out.
  • When Henry digs through the box of sketchbooks, he finds one with a pencil drawing of himself in it: It's a drawing from the day that he and Keiko spent at the park. Aw.
  • Marty and Samantha are obviously confused by this connection, but they keep digging because Henry is way too emotional to talk just yet. Then Samantha comes up with the Holy Grail: the very record Henry has been looking for all these years.

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