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Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

Uwajimaya (1986)

  • Now that Henry's found what he wanted, he goes with Marty and Samantha to the Asian grocery store so Samantha can pick up some things to make them all a Chinese dinner.
  • Marty and Henry wait outside while she goes inside, and Marty asks him who this Japanese friend of his was—and how Henry's father felt about the whole thing.
  • Marty's especially shocked that Keiko was a Japanese girl, and he immediately wonders if she was Henry's girlfriend.
  • Henry tells him that dating wasn't really a thing back then, and besides, he and Keiko were just kids. But then Marty asks him if Ethel knew about Keiko… and Henry reveals that yes, she did.
  • As they're talking, Samantha returns and says that she's making black-bean crab, choy sum, and they're having green tea for dessert. Looks like someone's gunning for some serious brownie points from her future father-in-law.

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