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Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

Visiting Hours (1942)

  • The following week, Henry goes to Camp Harmony with Mrs. Beatty again, hoping he'll be able to track down Keiko and her family this time.
  • At home, his parents are super proud of him because he's making his own money and has a job. He keeps his money in an empty jar on his nightstand; he doesn't really have anything to spend it on.
  • Henry perseveres and keeps asking people about the Okabes until a man finally comes forward and greets him. It's Keiko's father, though he's looking a bit shabby and worse for the wear.
  • Mr. Okabe tells him that Keiko is in their living area with her mother and brother, and that she misses Henry.
  • He also tells Henry where the visitors' station is and says he can go there to request to speak to Keiko.
  • After lunch is served, Henry checks in with Mrs. Beatty before going to the visitors' station and waiting for Keiko.
  • Then finally he sees Keiko again. She's happy to see him and says she had a dream about him last week, one in which they were watching Oscar Holden play jazz and dancing together.
  • He asks her if there's anything he can do for her, and she asks him to bring some things—stuff like stamps, envelopes, and fabric. She wants to start writing to him.
  • She asks him if he can bring everything by next week since it'll be her birthday. They're going to have a record concert outside, and he can be there to celebrate with her.
  • Keiko gives him a bundle of dandelions that she picked in the camp, and Henry feels bad that he didn't think to bring her a gift. She says she's just glad that he found her.

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