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Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet Chapter 32

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Chapter 32

Home Again (1942)

  • Henry wakes up the next day with a new purpose: He's going to go buy things for Keiko's family and he's going to get her a nice birthday gift. He intends to buy the Oscar Holden record if he can find it.
  • Then his father drops a huge bomb on him and tells Henry that they intend to send him back to school in China. The idea of leaving Seattle is totally terrifying to Henry, so he puts it out of his mind for the time being and just goes on with his day. Hey, whatever helps you get by, dude.
  • He contemplates going to the Panama Hotel to pick up the Oscar Holden record for Keiko, since that's where she said that it was stored, but when he gets there, he runs into Chaz and his delinquent posse again, and they start taunting him.
  • Instead of being intimidated, Henry just tells Chaz to go home. But Chaz tells him that this is his home because he's an actual American, unlike all these Asians. Ugh.
  • Henry doesn't back down. He picks up a broomstick and swings it at them, and the boys retreat, recognizing that he's not messing around today. Then Henry leaves.

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