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Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

Dinner (1986)

  • To Henry's surprise, Samantha is really good at cooking traditional Chinese meals. They have a lovely dinner together.
  • Samantha even makes dragon's beard candy, which is something Henry hasn't had in a long time. He's shocked because it takes years to learn how to make; Samantha says she's been practicing.
  • Then Marty starts asking Henry if he's going to start looking for Keiko. Isn't his father curious about what his long-lost childhood sweetheart has been up to? We know we areā€¦
  • Henry says he's thought about Keiko, but he grew up and started a family, so that took precedence.
  • Marty points out that now would be a good time to look her up and return her sketchbooks.

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