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Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

Sheldon's Record

  • On Monday, Henry is still in high spirits when he goes to school since he's finally found Keiko at Camp Harmony.
  • He runs into Sheldon and tells him all about what he's been up to and how he hasn't been around on weekends because he's at Camp Harmony.
  • Then he asks Sheldon for a huge favor: to hand over his copy of the Oscar Holden record (since they're sold out at the store).
  • Sheldon is reluctant to give it up, but when he hears that it's for Keiko's birthday, he relents. Then Henry goes to Woolworth's to find some presents for Keiko, including fabric, paper, and a nice new sketchbook.
  • Henry returns home in a jolly good mood… which is completely shattered when he finds his parents furious and waiting for him. They've found Keiko's photo albums he hid in his room.
  • His father tells him that Keiko and her family are the enemy, and then he throws the photo albums out the window. Henry puts on his jacket and moves to go retrieve them, but his father warns him that if he walks out the door, he will no longer be a part of this family.
  • Henry doesn't hesitate: He just walks right on out.

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