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Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet Chapter 45

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Chapter 45

Years (1945)

  • A couple years later, Henry is walking along when he runs into Chaz. He's not scared of his old bully anymore; he finds Chaz pathetic and annoying.
  • In the two years since Keiko's family moved away, Henry continues to go to the same post office regularly. The same clerk is always there, and she looks at him with pity and admiration.
  • That's because Keiko has stopped writing and seems like she's forgotten him. He wonders what will happen when she comes home.
  • Henry's relationship with his parents still isn't much better; he hardly talks to them about anything of substance.
  • His father is stubborn and still won't talk to Henry. In fact, he won't even look at his son because he's making a point about not forgiving him.

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