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Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet Chapter 48

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Chapter 48

Broken Records (1986)

  • Henry hasn't heard from Marty in a whole week; he doesn't pick up his phone in the dorm whenever Henry tries to call.
  • So Henry makes it to the college and pays an impromptu visit to his son's room. Marty is surprised that he's there, but Henry hands him a thank you card to give to Samantha for making dinner the other night.
  • He sees that Marty has Keiko's old sketchbooks spread out on his desk, but doesn't say anything about it.
  • When Marty asks him why he doesn't want to get in touch with Keiko, Henry says he had his chance and he let Keiko go. Some things just can't be fixed.
  • You sure about that, Henry?

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