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Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet Chapter 50

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Chapter 50

Tickets (1986)

  • Henry goes back inside the record shop with the Oscar Holden record in tow. He wants to see if they can fix it so he can hear it again.
  • The record shop owner tells him there's no way to do it; the record is too far gone.
  • Henry walks home feeling exhausted and alone because Sheldon is the only person that he can still reminisce with.
  • When he gets home, though, he finds his best suit on his bed with his shoes placed next to his suitcase. He's completely mystified.
  • He sees an envelope sticking out of the pocket and pulls it out. It's a plane ticket to New York City—a place he's never been.
  • Marty comes into the room and tells him it's a present. He's sending his father to find what he's been missing. Marty has tracked down Keiko—and she wants to see Henry.

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