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Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

The Walk Home (1942)

  • Now that Keiko goes to school with Henry, they've fallen into their own comfortable routine. The two of them eat lunch together, do their school chores and duties together, and then walk home. Go team.
  • But one day, Chaz tries to stop them as they're walking home. He calls Henry a "Jap lover" (super racist) and moves in to beat him up.
  • Mrs. Beatty comes in and stops him, though Chaz manages to grab the "I am Chinese" button off Henry's shirt. He pins it to his own collar. Then Keiko helps Henry up and they walk together, just like they always do.
  • They talk about how they were both born in America, contrary to what everyone around them thinks. Then Henry walks Keiko to the Japanese part of town—Nihonmachi—and leaves her there.

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