Study Guide

The Hound of the Baskervilles Allusions

By Arthur Conan Doyle


Historical References

  • Monsieur Bertillon (1.64) 
  • Lord Clarendon's History of the Grand Rebellion (2.17) 
  • Admiral George Rodney, Royal Navy, fought on the British side during the American Revolution (13.46) 
  • William Pitt the Younger, British Prime Minister in the late 18th century (13.46); later, the owner of the NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Cavalier: During the English Civil Wars of the 17th century, the Cavaliers were Royalist supporters of King Charles I (who was beheaded anyway) (13.47) 
  • Swan and Edison: This was the local electric company in London at the time of the novel

Literary and Cultural References

  • "the third and fourth generation which is threatened in Holy Writ": The Bible, Book of Exodus 20:5 (2.23) 
  • "the great convict prison of Princetown" (3.116; 6.33; 9.130; 12.111; 13.70) 
  • Godfrey Kneller, late 17th-century portrait painter (13.41) 
  • Joshua Reynolds, 18th-century British painter (13.41) 
  • Les Huguenots, opera by Giacomo Meyerbeer (15.27) 
  • the de Reszke family: a Polish family of singers (15.27)

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