Study Guide

The Hound of the Baskervilles Chapter 10

By Arthur Conan Doyle

Chapter 10

Extract From the Diary of Doctor Watson

  • As the chapter title promises us, this is—wait for it—a section of Watson's diary from his time at Baskerville Hall. Shocking, we know. 
  • Barrymore and Sir Henry get into it the next morning.
  • Turns out Barrymore's angry that Watson and Sir Henry went to hunt down Selden.
  • Barrymore begs the two men to let Selden go until they can get him on a boat to South America.
  • Watson and Sir Henry agree to leave Selden alone.
  • Barrymore's so grateful that he wants to do something for Sir Henry in return.
  • There's something about Sir Charles' death that Barrymore's been keeping secret.
  • The morning of Sir Charles' death, Barrymore happened to notice him receiving a letter from a nearby town called Coombe Tracey.
  • The letter was written in a woman's handwriting.
  • A few weeks ago, long after Sir Charles' mysterious death, Barrymore was cleaning out the ashes of the fireplace in Sir Charles' study.
  • He found the charred pieces of that letter.
  • He could still read the final lines: "Please, please, as you are a gentleman, burn this letter, and be at the gate at ten o'clock" (10.35).
  • The letter was signed "L.L."
  • Barrymore hasn't wanted to reveal this because he wanted to protect Sir Charles' rep.
  • But now that Sir Henry has been so kind, Barrymore wants to help him in return.
  • The next day, Watson goes out walking on the moors. 
  • As he's heading back to Baskerville Hall, Dr. Mortimer drives past him in a cart.
  • Dr. Mortimer tells Watson that there is a woman with the initials "L.L." living in Coombe Tracey: Laura Lyons, the disgraced, disowned daughter of Mr. Frankland.
  • Apparently, she eloped against her father's will with an artist named Lyons, who then left her.
  • After dinner that evening, Watson asks Barrymore if Selden's still around.
  • Barrymore says he last left out food for him three days ago, but hasn't seen him since.
  • Barrymore also mentions that there's someone else out on the moor. 
  • Selden has mentioned this other man to Barrymore—the man doesn't seem to be a convict.
  • Selden told Barrymore that this other man is living in the prehistoric ruins, and that a kid from the village brings him food regularly.
  • The moors seem to be just the thing if you need to hide but need to be close enough to a take-out place that delivers.

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