Study Guide

The Hound of the Baskervilles Chapter 6

By Arthur Conan Doyle

Chapter 6

Baskerville Hall

  • That Saturday, Holmes takes Watson to the train station to go to Baskerville Hall.
  • Holmes asks Watson to send him information about Sir Henry's neighbors.
  • Holmes gives Watson a quick list of people in the area:
    • Mr. and Mrs. Barrymore (the butler and his wife);
    • Dr. Mortimer (unlikely to be the murderer);
    • Mrs. Mortimer (totally unknown);
    • Stapleton (a local scientist);
    • Stapleton's sister (an attractive young woman); and 
    • Mr. Frankland (another neighbor).
  • When Dr. Mortimer and Sir Henry arrive at the train station, Holmes warns Sir Henry that it's not safe for him to go off on his own. Not. Safe.
  • Watson, Dr. Mortimer, and Sir Henry take the train to Devonshire. 
  • Watson notices that the landscape is a bleak and a little sad.
  • Plus, there are soldiers watching the road to Sir Henry's property.
  • The driver explains that a prisoner has escaped onto the moors.
  • And he's not just any prisoner—he's an insane murderer named Selden. 
  • When they arrive at Baskerville Hall, they see that it's a pretty gloomy place.
  • Barrymore welcomes Sir Henry to his (miserable-looking, but very grand) family home.
  • He also suggests that Sir Henry start hiring a full staff of servants to keep the old place up. 
  • Sir Henry wonders: is Barrymore planning on quitting? His family has worked for Baskerville Hall for generations.
  • In fact, Barrymore does want to leave: he and his wife were so weirded out by Sir Charles' death that they don't feel comfortable at the Hall any longer.
  • In the middle of the night, Watson hears the sound of a woman sobbing.

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