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Nenny Cordero in The House on Mango Street

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Nenny Cordero

Nenny is Esperanza's kid sister. Too young to get Esperanza's jokes or keep her secrets, Nenny is more of a pain in the butt than anything else – and Esperanza is responsible for watching out for her. But as the story progresses, Esperanza and Nenny seem to grow closer. Esperanza begins to realize that her sister can appreciate her perspective on things in a way that her friends can't – like when Nenny understands Esperanza's statement that a house "looks like Mexico" (7.3). Nenny hangs out with Esperanza, Lucy, and Rachel a lot, though she often seems much younger than they do, especially when the other girls start to go through puberty. Esperanza is fiercely defensive of her little sister, even when she thinks Nenny is being stupid.

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