Study Guide

The House on Mango Street Chapter 24

By Sandra Cisneros

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Chapter 24

Elenita, Cards, Palm, Water

  • Esperanza is in the kitchen of Elenita, "witch woman" (24.1). Elenita's house is full of little kids, holy candles, and voodoo posters.
  • Elenita has Esperanza pour a glass of water and asks if she sees anyone's face in the glass – Esperanza sees nothing but bubbles.
  • Elenita begins to tell Esperanza's fortune with a stack of strange cards with pictures on them. She also examines Esperanza's palm.
  • Esperanza asks Elenita what she really wants to know – does the fortune teller see anything about a house? Elenita says that she sees "a home in the heart" (24.17).
  • Esperanza is disappointed. She doesn't understand what "a home in the heart" means.
  • She pays Elenita five dollars and goes home.

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