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The House on Mango Street Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

The Earl of Tennessee

  • Earl lives next door to Esperanza in Edna's basement apartment. The neighborhood kids like to sit on the steps outside his apartment.
  • Earl keeps his blinds down during the day and works nights. The only time the kids see him is when he comes and goes to work, or when he comes outside to tell them to be quiet.
  • Earl is a jukebox repairman from the South.
  • Rumor has is that Earl is married and has a wife somewhere. Edna, Esperanza's mother, and the neighborhood kids all claim to have seen her, but they disagree as to what she looks like. Sounds to us like he's bringing home more than one woman…
  • The kids do agree that whenever he brings a woman to his apartment, they walk quickly inside, lock the door, and never stay long.

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