Study Guide

The House on Mango Street Chapter 28

By Sandra Cisneros

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Chapter 28


  • A boy named Sire stares at Esperanza every time she passes his house. He makes Esperanza feel all funny inside.
  • Papa calls Sire a punk, and Mama says not to talk to him.
  • Sire has a girlfriend named Lois. Esperanza admires her tiny, painted toenails and feminine hands and makeup. But she notices that Lois doesn't know how to tie her shoes.
  • Esperanza watches Sire and Lois together and wonders about what they do together. Mama says "those kinds of girls […] are the ones that go into alleys" (28.3).
  • Esperanza feels like "everything is waiting to explode like Christmas" (28.4). She wants to sit out with boys and know what it's like to be held and kissed.

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