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The House on Mango Street Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

No Speak English

  • The man across the street from Esperanza's house works day and night to save the money to bring his wife and child to the United States.
  • One day Mamacita and the baby boy arrive in a taxi. She's huge and beautiful, dressed all in pink.
  • Mamacita never comes down from the third floor apartment. Esperanza thinks it's because she doesn't speak much English.
  • Mamacita only knows three phrases in English: "He not here," "No speak English," and "Holy smokes."
  • When Esperanza's father first came to the United States, he ate "hamandeggs" for three moths, because it was the only thing he knew how to say (30.7).
  • Mamacita stays at home all day, listening to Spanish radio and singing songs about her country. She's homesick for her pink house.
  • Sometimes her husband grows impatient with Mamacita, and yells at her to speak English, because the United States is her home now.
  • The baby boy begins to learn English from the commercials he sees on T.V. Mamacita tells him, over and over again, "No speak English" (30.17).

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