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The House on Mango Street Chapter 37

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Chapter 37

What Sally Said

  • Sally comes to school covered in bruises a lot, offering the excuse that she fell. But no one believes her.
  • Sally confesses to Esperanza that her father beats her. She tries to make it seem like no big deal, claiming he never hits her hard.
  • Sally doesn't tell anyone about the times when her father beats her badly, or hits her like she's an animal, just because she's a girl. He thinks that, because she's female, she's going to shame the family by running away with a man.
  • Sally comes to stay with Esperanza's family one day, to get away from her dad. But that night her father comes to the door with tears in his eyes and begs Sally to come home. She goes with him.
  • Everything's OK for a little while, until Sally's dad catches her talking to a boy. Then he beats her so badly she can't come to school for a while.

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