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The House on Mango Street Chapter 41

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Chapter 41

The Three Sisters

  • Lucy and Rachel's baby sister dies, and the family holds a wake in their house.
  • In attendance are three aunts – sisters – who call themselves the comadres and seem to possess an intuitive gift.
  • The three sisters comfort Esperanza, who feels weird about the whole death thing. They study Esperanza's hands and tell her to make a wish.
  • The sisters seem to know Esperanza's wish, and tell her that it will come true. One of the aunts tells her that she "will always be Mango Street," and that when she leaves, she must always promise to come back for those who cannot leave as easily (41.32).
  • Esperanza goes outside to join Lucy and Rachel, and says goodbye to the three sisters. She never sees them again.

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