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The House on Mango Street Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Our Good Day

  • Two girls approach Esperanza and try to convince her to chip in five dollars for a bicycle. Cathy tells Esperanza not to talk to them because they "smell like a broom," but Esperanza likes them (6.6). Cathy is clearly a snob.
  • Esperanza runs inside and gets five dollars from her and her sister's savings, even though she knows it will mean the end of her brief friendship with Cathy.
  • The two girls introduce themselves as Lucy and Rachel, from Texas.
  • Rachel decides that the girls will take turns owning the bicycle, but today everyone wants to ride it together, since it's new.
  • Lucy pedals, Esperanza sits behind her, and Rachel sits on the handlebars. The girls ride down the street and around the block, laughing.

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