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The House on Mango Street Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Gil's Furniture Bought and Sold

  • The narrator describes a junk store in the neighborhood, where her family once bought a used refrigerator and Carlos sold a box of magazines.
  • The store is dark and crowded with junk that Nenny and Esperanza go to look at.
  • The owner is an old, black man. Nenny asks him lots of questions, but Esperanza never talks much.
  • One day Nenny asks the owner about a music box – Esperanza thinks it's going to be a pretty music box with a ballerina inside, but it's just an ordinary looking wooden box with a brass record in it.
  • The old man starts up the music box, and it makes a beautiful sound.
  • Even though Esperanza is impressed, she turns away and pretends she doesn't care about the box because she doesn't want to look stupid in front of her sister.
  • Nenny asks the old man how much the music box costs, but he tells her it's not for sale.

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