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How I Live Now What's Up With the Ending?

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What's Up With the Ending?

Have you checked out the "What's Up With The Title?" section yet? Because you totally should—the last line of the book includes the title.

Daisy's final line, "and that's how I live now" (2.6.14), serves to accentuate just how strangely her life has turned out. She's living long-term in war-ravaged England on a self-sustaining farm, miles from civilization, along with two sibling-like cousins, the boyfriend of a cousin, and her younger cousin-lover. Here, she nurses her cousin-lover's damaged psyche in hopes of rekindling their sexy fun times.

How did a sassy, anorexic, New York City teenager wind up in this situation? Well, in case you've forgotten, the final line will remind you that that's what this entire book's here to tell you.

Daisy also acknowledges in her final words that this is where she belongs—this little band of misfits is her family, and Edmond is who she belongs with. Bet you never guessed that incestuous fling was going to turn into a lifelong romance, did you? She also very straightforwardly tells us the main lessons she's learned along the way: that she's a fighter and stronger than she knew, and that love and caring for others has the power to heal. After all, it healed her dark heart, her anorexia, and now she's confident it'll heal Edmond, too.

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