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Leah in How I Live Now

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Supposedly, Leah was a huge part of Daisy's life back home in the Big Apple, and her name does seem to come up whenever Daisy's reminiscing. The most we ever really learn about Leah, though, is that she came up with the poisoning theory, helped name Davina the Diabolical, and loves to gossip.

Daisy seems to miss her quite a bit early on—"I wanted to talk all this through with Leah right then and there and I nearly cried with how much I missed having a cell phone" (1.7.6)—however, after one gossip-filled letter about the sexual exploits of their classmates back home, Daisy never mentions Leah again, even when she gets sent back to New York. Leah's absence from the rest of the story serves to illustrate both how Daisy's cousins become the center of her universe and how little Daisy's past life matters when survival is her only goal.

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