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Minor Characters in How I Live Now

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Minor Characters

Friends Along The Road

Along the (long) road home, Daisy and Piper encounter several friends and foes who step into their lives for only a fleeting moment. This cast of minor characters includes:

  • the stoic Major McEvoy, his loopy and emotional wife, and their spoiled son Alby; 
  • Elena the apple-picker, who tells Daisy stories of her sexual exploits;
  • Joe, who doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut;
  • Frankie the driver, who helps them escape the door-to-door raid;
  • and finally, Baz the soldier, who develops a sibling-like relationship with Piper and gives the girls maps and supplies to escape and return home.

None of these characters in and of themselves are super crucial to the plot, but together they serve to illustrate how people come together in times of war, the kindness of the English people, and how Daisy and Piper may not have survived if not for a few strokes of luck and kindness.

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