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How I Live Now Lust

By Meg Rosoff

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Lust, thy name is Edmond. We think it's pretty clear that in a book about a girl getting it on with her cousin, it's pretty hard for lust not to be a theme. Although things get pretty smoking pretty quickly between Daisy and Edmond, the way in which their attraction is described in How I Live Now is akin to hunger—an insatiable urge that can only be quenched one way. It's almost disease-like in the way Daisy portrays the urges they have for each other and the warm buzz that surrounds them whenever they're near each other. These two have it bad for each other.

Questions About Lust

  1. Do you believe that Daisy's lust for Edmond is what saves her from the ravages of war? Or was it something else? Explain, please.
  2. Why does Daisy describe the lustful feelings she has for Edmond (and vice versa) with a complete lack of agency, as though someone or something else is pulling the strings? Pick a few examples from the text to really dig into.
  3. How does the lust-related starvation Daisy experiences relate to her food-related starvation?
  4. What role does the war play in Daisy and Edmond's romantic entanglement?

Chew on This

Without the war, Daisy never would have gotten involved with Edmond, and without being separated from him, she never would have chosen to be with him long-term.

Daisy exploring starvation in a lustful way allows her to end her food-related starvation.

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