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Howards End Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

  • Evie hears about Mr. Wilcox's engagement while she's playing tennis, and it totally throws her game off. She, Charles, and Dolly are all upset about their new stepmother, and in order to cope, Evie moves her own wedding up by a month, to August.
  • Margaret, it turns out, is expected to participate actively in Evie's wedding, and to meet all of Mr. Wilcox's friends and associates. This is not exciting to her – she loves Henry, but hates all of his friends. He doesn't seem to have any feelings himself for any of these people, but instead, has a sense of whether they're useful or not.
  • Evie decides to get married at the house at Oniton Grange, in Shropshire. Mr. Wilcox isn't too fond of the house, and intends to lease it out once Evie is married.
  • Margaret, however, thinks of it as her future home, and decides to make the best impression possible there.
  • There aren't many people at the wedding, considering that Paul can't make it, Dolly has to stay home and Tibby and Helen both refused to come. Margaret thinks forward rather wearily to her own wedding.
  • The group of guests coming from London travel together on the train, and when they get a rest stop at Shrewsbury before driving to Oniton, Margaret takes the opportunity to do some sightseeing. She overhears Charles complaining about how the women are making them late. Finally, they get on the road, and they chat about politics on the way.
  • Just before they arrive at the Grange, one of the cars hits a dog. Charles doesn't even stop – he doesn't care. Margaret, however, is horribly upset, and demands that they stop and go back. She gets so upset that she actually hurls herself out of the car.
  • It turns out that it was a cat, not a dog, and the little girl who owned it was understandably very upset.
  • When they get to the Grange, Margaret offers a little playful explanation to Henry, and when she goes away to change, Charles tells his father all about the incident. They agree that it was probably just "nerves."
  • Charles is upset – he can't stand any of the Schlegels, and he can't believe how crazy Margaret is.
  • Charles clearly has a chip on his shoulder about everything, and he feels quite put upon as he observes the wedding guests coming and going. He clearly really hates Margaret.
  • Secretly watched by her future son-in-law, Margaret wanders around the grounds, enchanted by the scenery. He's sure that she's up to trouble.

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