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Howards End Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

  • The next morning, Margaret confronts Mr. Wilcox. She tells him it doesn't make any difference to her, and he gets angry at this – he thinks that she's not acting like a real woman, and that she should be upset.
  • Henry tries to push Margaret away, saying that he's not worthy of her love. He believes in the distinct difference between men and women, and the worlds they live in.
  • Margaret inquires about Helen, only to find that she didn't show up last night. She's worried that Helen will find out the truth about Henry and Jacky and spread the story. Mr. Wilcox thinks it's no use to try and stop it from getting out.
  • Henry gives in to emotion and tells Margaret the story of his relationship with Jacky. Ten years ago, they met in Cyprus – and the rest is history. Margaret makes him feel better by telling him that she's already forgiven him.
  • Margaret goes to the hotel to try and rustle up her sister. When she returns, Mr. Wilcox is recovered from his bout with emotion, and is his old, businesslike self.
  • Margaret has some bad news – the Basts and Helen have all gone from the hotel, with no word about their whereabouts.
  • Margaret and Henry take a walk around the garden. Henry makes her promise never to mention Jacky again; he's worried that they might blackmail him, and tells his fiancée that he'll take care of the situation.
  • When they get back to the house, Mr. Wilcox basically puts the matter out of his mind – Margaret has forgiven him, and his children must never hear about it. That's all that matters.
  • Margaret herself is worried about Leonard and, like Helen, feels responsible for his troubles. That being said, though, she doesn't want to do anything about it; she's made up her mind to continue loving Mr. Wilcox, and to become part of his world.

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