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Howards End Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

  • The fatal day arrives, and we find Mr. Wilcox and Margaret in Hilton with Dolly. Margaret is anxious, and Mr. Wilcox wants to go spring on Helen without her.
  • Margaret runs to the washroom to gather herself, and Mr. Wilcox sneaks out without her, telling Dolly to make an excuse.
  • The car starts on its way, but Dolly and Charles's little boy accidentally sits in the middle of the driveway, causing the chauffeur to swerve off course. Dolly screams, and Margaret comes running out.
  • Margaret confronts Henry about his attempt to cut her out of the plan, and he apologizes. The apology is accepted, and they embark again.
  • The car stops to pick up the doctor, and Henry emphasizes how important it is not to scare Helen. The doctor and Henry discuss Helen's case dispassionately, and Margaret is infuriated by the way they're busily labeling her character, as though she's not even human.
  • Margaret is determined to be on Helen's side, since it's obvious that nobody else is.
  • Helen is innocently waiting on the porch at Howards End. Margaret runs out of the car before Henry can stop her, and rushes to her sister. She discovers immediately why Helen has been avoiding everyone – she's pregnant.
  • In a rush, Margaret unlocks the door and pushes Helen into the house, then calls out to Mr. Wilcox that everything is OK.

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