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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapter 32

By Mark Twain

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Chapter 32

  • The farm in question is a small "one-horse cotton plantation." Huck decides to "trust in Providence" and just march right up to the door (32.1).
  • Good call; when he gets to the door, the lady of the house is all, "It's you!" and he's all, "Um, sure!"
  • Huck tells her (Aunt Sally) that the boat he came on ran aground and that's why he's a little late. Also, he hid his baggage, which is why he doesn't have any on him.
  • When Silas comes home, we find out that Aunt Sally thinks Huck is her nephew, none other than Tom Sawyer.
  • Small world, right?
  • Huck, pleased as punch, plays right along. Since he knows all of Tom's family, it's easy to play the part and gab on about the relatives back home.
  • But Huck learned his lesson with the Wilks brothers. He knows that, when you're pretending to be someone, you have to worry about the real version turning up.
  • So he hurries off (under pretense of getting his baggage) to try and intercept the real Tom Sawyer.

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