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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapter 9

By Mark Twain

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Chapter 9

  • Serious issues of slavery and morality aside, Huck is a kid on an island, which means some exploring is clearly in order.
  • He and Jim head toward the middle of an island and find a cavern. After hiding their canoe and supplies, they hide out during a storm and eat dinner.
  • This is actually pretty awesome, and Huck and Jim have a little mutual admiration moment.
  • Things go on this way for a while. Problem is, they can't go out in daylight, lest someone spot them.
  • One night, the two dudes happen upon a makeshift house floating down the river, which was apparently flooded and dislodged in the storm.
  • They climb in, and Jim finds a dead body. He tells Huck not to look at the man's face, as it's "too gashly."
  • After taking supplies from the house, they head back to Jackson's Island.

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