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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn The Last Chapter

By Mark Twain

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The Last Chapter

  • Tom gives Jim $40 to compensate him for every atrocity he suffered, including: being a prisoner; living with spiders, snakes, and other creepy critters; being threatened with amputation; eating minimal amounts of food for a month.
  • Jim is stoked about his good fortune, which he chalks up to his having a hairy chest.
  • Finally, remember that dead guy near Jackson's Island way back when this crazy adventure started?
  • Turns out that was Huck's father, so Huck doesn't have to worry about him showing up and being drunk and abusive anymore.
  • Judge Thatcher, unlike Miss Watson and Pap, hasn't died. He still has Huck's $6,000 back home, which, at the going rate for prisoners, is enough to fund about 150 more mock rescues.
  • Pack up the raft, Tom.
  • So, is it back to "sivilization" for Huck?
  • Not a chance. He's headed out west, to "Injun" country, to have lots more adventures.

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