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The Invention of Hugo Cabret Part 1, Chapter 10

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Part 1, Chapter 10

The Notebook

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  • Hugo gets to the toyshop and gets, well, a rather unwelcoming welcome.
  • The old man marches up to him and tells him to hand it over. It being something that neither Hugo nor we are aware of.
  • The old man works himself into a frenzy and accuses poor Hugo of breaking into his house and stealing the notebook. Then he kicks him out of the toy booth.
  • Um, dude, Hugo totally didn’t steal it. And that's when he sees her—Isabelle, standing behind the old man, holding the notebook.
  • Clever Hugo asks if he can say goodbye to Isabelle, at the very least.
  • All right, all right.
  • Hugo gives Isabelle a big ol' bear hug and then runs away.

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