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The Invention of Hugo Cabret Part 1, Chapter 3

By Brian Selznick

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Part 1, Chapter 3


  • Text
  • The old man is closing up his shop, but Hugo is sneaking up behind him, like a tiger stalking its prey.
  • He’s not sneaky enough, apparently, because the old man spots him and asks him what his name is.
  • Hugo tells him and asks for his notebook back, but the old man tells him that he’s going to burn it. That seems a little mean.
  • Hugo thinks it’s mean too and yells at the old man as they walk out of the train station.
  • Illustration
  • Outside the train station, snow is falling and it’s dark. We see a lit streetlamp as Hugo and the old man make their way down the street.
  • Hugo follows the old man around a corner. This is one brave kid. He looks pretty cold, though. Maybe he wasn’t ready for the snow.
  • As he walks down the street, we see a closer image of Hugo’s face as he looks over his shoulder.
  • They’re still walking down the street, and Hugo looks back at their shadows as the old man (who is wearing quite the jaunty hat) continues walking with his hands in his pockets. Where is he going?
  • We see the old man pass through a gate of some sort and Hugo follows him—into a graveyard. Now this is getting creepy.
  • Text
  • Hugo and the old man get to an old apartment building across from the graveyard. Gee, that's a lovely spot.
  • The old man opens a door, goes inside, and slams it shut, leaving Hugo outside. How rude.
  • Image
  • Poor Hugo's standing outside in the cold in front of a very large, very closed door next to a creepy old graveyard with raised tombstones.

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