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The Invention of Hugo Cabret Part 1, Chapter 4

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Part 1, Chapter 4

The Window

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  • Hugo stands in the dark outside for a moment. Then he throws a stone at the window. Who does he think he is, Romeo?
  • Believe it or not, a girl actually opens her curtains and looks out.
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  • We see the face of the girl with the bob haircut peering through the windows. Who is she? And why those bangs?
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  • Hugo recognizes her as the girl from the toy booth.
  • She slips out of the building and asks him who he is. Hugo says that her grandfather stole his book from him.
  • The girl says that the old man’s name is Papa Georges and that he’s not her grandfather. She also says that she’ll make sure that Papa Georges doesn’t burn Hugo’s precious notebook.
  • Illustration
  • We see a blurry shadow of Hugo running off into the snowy night. We can hardly see him through all the pencil strokes, which look quite flurry-like to us.

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