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The Invention of Hugo Cabret Part 2, Chapter 11

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Part 2, Chapter 11

The Magician

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  • Hugo puts on his tuxedo. Someone’s moved up in life, huh?
  • He has his own room in the Mélièses’ apartment, with furniture donated from The French Film Academy. It’s all decked out with a small workbench, and he also has a desk for homework, now that he’s back in school.
  • Plus, he's got the automaton.
  • Hugo goes into the living room and sees Papa Georges in a tuxedo, too. They’re all going to an event put on by The French Film Academy to honor Georges Méliès and his work.
  • Isabelle brings her camera and they all head out.
  • When they reach the academy, Papa Georges said that he painted the picture of Prometheus—you know, that one Hugo saw on his first visit here?
  • Inside the theater, Monsieur Tabard gives a nice speech about how they discovered that Georges Méliès was still alive, and how much he has contributed to the film industry.
  • Everyone cheers and the orchestra starts playing—and then they see the magic that Papa Georges has created.
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  • We see a photograph of a fantastical scene—mermaids, a man in what looks like a giant shell, and all sorts of detailed and giant sea creatures.
  • In the next photo, we see angels standing above the snow-covered roofs of a town.
  • In the next image, we see a woman dressed as a shooting star, moving across the black background with a streak of light behind her.
  • And finally, the last photo shows an elaborate carriage that is drawn by a rearing horse with armor and strange contraptions on. A frightened man looks out to see what’s going on.
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  • Finally, they see A Trip to the Moon. Hugo looks at Isabelle and sees that she’s crying.
  • Papa Georges takes the stage and addresses the audience. Then they all go to a small party at a nearby restaurant.
  • At the party, Hugo does magic tricks and Georges Méliès says that it’s Professor Alcofrisbas’ first public performance. When Hugo asks him who that is, he says that it’s Hugo of course! Looks like Hugo has a new, magical alter ego, and a stage name to boot.

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