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The Invention of Hugo Cabret Part 2, Chapter 12

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Part 2, Chapter 12

Winding It Up

  • Text
  • The narrator says that he is Professor Alcofrisbas—so it must have been Hugo telling us the story this whole time.
  • He says that the automaton his father discovered did save him, but now he has built a new one—and it's one that can tell his story.
  • The automaton wrote this book and produced 158 pictures, and wrote letter-by-letter 26,159 words. Wow! That’s quite the machine.
  • Illustration
  • A large, glowing full moon.
  • The black border gets thicker and the moon appears smaller.
  • And smaller…
  • And smaller yet…
  • Until it’s just a small square image of a sliver of moon in the middle of a black page.
  • And on the next page are the words “THE END.”
  • That about says it all, don't you think?

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