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The Invention of Hugo Cabret Part 2, Chapter 5

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Part 2, Chapter 5

Papa Georges Made Movies

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  • Hugo goes back to his room having borrowed the book from the library. For a kid who doesn’t go to school, he sure reads a lot!
  • There’s a knock on the door—it’s Isabelle. She sits down and starts to cry, saying that she’s sorry about Hugo’s fingers and about not telling her godparents that she stole the notebook. She’s also awfully worried about Papa Georges, who has a high fever.
  • With the toy booth closed, they don’t have the money to get him medicine. Hugo says that things are going to be okay, and shows her the book.
  • Pauvre Isabelle. She's confused—she doesn’t know why no one ever told her about Papa Georges’ past as a filmmaker.
  • But Hugo has another revelation. Or maybe more of a confession. He tells her that Etienne knows the truth, too.
  • And Etienne brought Hugo to meet his teacher, who refused to believe that Georges Méliès could possibly be alive. So…
  • Hugo invited Etienne and Monsieur Tabard (the teacher) over to Isabelle’s apartment.
  • It’s the only way they will figure out the history behind it all! Then Isabelle asks Hugo how he got the mechanical man and he tells her the whole, sorry story about his father and the automaton.
  • When he finishes his story, Isabelle thanks him for telling her.
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  • We see a close-up of Hugo and Isabelle’s faces as they look at each other.
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  • Hugo tells her to come to the booth after school the next day because he has a grand idea.

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