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The Invention of Hugo Cabret Part 2, Chapter 6

By Brian Selznick

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Part 2, Chapter 6


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  • Hugo opens up the toy booth as though he owns it, and when Isabelle stops by, she helps him, too.
  • When there are no customers, Isabelle reads aloud from the book of Greek myths and Hugo remembers Prometheus, who stole fire.
  • Hugo listens and looks at the clocks, wondering when they’ll stop running now that he’s busy with his new job as toy booth attendant.
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  • We see Hugo and Isabelle from behind as they sit at the toy booth. There don’t seem to be any customers.
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  • Hugo pulls out the mechanical mouse and the two of them chat about how machines are made for a purpose, and that maybe people are like that, too. And if you lose your purpose, you’re broken.
  • Deep thoughts, children. Deep thoughts.
  • They say that maybe they can fix Papa Georges, you know, give him back his purpose?
  • Then, Hugo takes Isabelle up to the glass clocks.
  • Illustration
  • Hugo and Isabelle peer out through the clock at the city, which is lit up against the night. From way up high, the buildings look tiny.
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  • Hugo says the entire world is a big machine, and that they’re all there for a reason.
  • These kids are getting pretty philosophical, if you ask us.

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