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The Hunger Games Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

  • Peeta admits to Caesar that Katniss, his crush, didn't know about his feelings – until now! Caesar says this is all a bit of bad luck. (No kidding.) As the interview concludes, the crowd goes nuts for Peeta.
  • Peeta has wiped the floor with his competition, painting himself as the tragic lover. Still, Katniss thinks she knows better.
  • Back at the Training Center, Katniss is furious and pushes Peeta into an urn, bloodying his hands. She yells at him that he had no right to make her look like a fool.
  • Haymitch, who apparently was in on the whole thing, intervenes and explains to Katniss that Peeta has done her a huge favor: he has made her seem desirable. "You're all they're talking about. The star-crossed lovers from District Twelve!" (10.22).
  • After a little more arguing (in which Peeta says she's only mad because of Gale), Katniss comes around to the idea of being a heartbreaker. Before she was only a silly girl spinning in a dress. Now she is an "object of love" (10.33).
  • Katniss worries that she didn't respond properly when the cameras were on her, but everyone assures her that she did.
  • Everyone watches the replay of the interviews, and then it's time to say goodbye and goodnight: the Hunger Games are tomorrow. Only Cinna and Portia, the stylists, will be accompanying the tributes to the arena.
  • Haymitch gives some final advice: Don't try to fight for supplies or weapons at the Cornucopia. Just get away from the other competitors – and find a water source.
  • Bedtime arrives and Katniss can't sleep. All she can think about is the Games: the possible terrain she'll see, the traps the Gamemakers will set, and so forth.
  • Too restless to sleep, Katniss goes up to the roof where she finds: guess who? Yup. Peeta.
  • The two watch the festivities down on the ground. The celebrations mark the beginning of the Hunger Games.
  • Katniss apologizes for pushing him and cutting up his hands. Peeta says he was never a contender anyway. He just doesn't want to disgrace himself.
  • Peeta then gives a speech about wanting to die as himself. "I don't want them to change me in there," he says. "Turn me into some kind of monster that I'm not" (10.70).
  • Katniss feels guilty that all she can think about is the competition while here Peeta is contemplating his true identity.
  • Katniss tells Peeta to just focus on staying alive. Peeta mimics Haymitch, saying "Thanks for the tip, sweetheart" (10.71). Katniss feels like it's a slap in the face. A few barbs are exchanged and she returns to her room.
  • In the morning, Cinna dresses Katniss in a simple shift and a hovercraft comes to fetch her and take her to the arena. On board, a metal tracking device is inserted into her.
  • Arriving at the arena, Katniss is taking to the Launch Room (or the "Stockyard" as it's referred to in the districts). The room is new, as Katniss tells us, and will never be used again. The arenas become historic sites once the Games are over where tourists come to visit.
  • Cinna equips Katniss with the outfit and gear that all the tributes have, including a hooded black jacket designed to reflect body heat. He pins on her gold mockingjay pin. He had to fight to get it through the review board since they thought it might be used as a weapon.
  • Cinna repeats Haymitch's final advice as Katniss steps onto her platform: run, find water. He tells her his money is on her and wishes her luck.
  • With that, Katniss is launched into the stadium. The Hunger Games have begun.

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