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The Hunger Games Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

  • Before Rue's attacker (the boy from District 1) can pull out the spear, Katniss shoots him dead with an arrow.
  • The dying Rue takes Katniss's hand and tells her she has to win. She asks Katniss to sing to her. Grab your hankies, 'cause Katniss sings a simple lullaby about meadows and a willow tree from her district.
  • The mockingjays take up the song, Rue's cannon fires, and Katniss cries. She remembers Gale's ranting about the Capitol and the injustice of what they do. She remembers Peeta's words too about how he didn't want the Capitol to own him.
  • Katniss decides to do the only thing she can: she gathers lots of beautiful wildflowers and decorates Rue's body with them – to show the world Rue is not just there for their entertainment. She is a person.
  • As Katniss walks away, she hears a mockingjay singing Rue's song. Now Rue really is safe, Katniss thinks. A parachute lands in front of Katniss and it's a small loaf of bread. It comes from District 11, Rue's home.
  • Katniss thanks the people of District 11 out loud. She climbs up a tree and eats the bread and sleeps.
  • That night Katniss dreams of Rue. She teaches her songs.
  • The next day Katniss is a bit discombobulated. She re-arranges her supplies and heads back to the stream. She lights Rue's fire to roast some kill but no one shows up. Why? Where is everyone?
  • Katniss climbs a tree and settles in for the night. She realizes that Rue's attacker was her actual first kill.
  • After the anthem, the Hunger Games announcer, Claudius Templesmith's voice booms out, congratulating the six remaining players.
  • Then he drops a bombshell: a rule change! He declares that the last TWO tributes alive will be the winners this year.
  • WHAT?! Before she can stop herself, Katniss yells out Peeta's name.

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