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The Hunger Games Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

  • Katniss claps her hand over her mouth, but realizes no one heard her. She realizes the Gamemakers must have changed the rules because they wanted to play up the star-crossed lovers thing. Peeta must have been working this angle all along, she decides.
  • She smiles so the camera can see.
  • OK, so who is left? Foxface, whose fellow tribute is dead. Thresh, who is from Rue's district. And then Cato and the girl from District 2. They'll be teaming up for sure.
  • In the morning Katniss sets out to find Peeta. Where would he be? Probably the stream.
  • Katniss follows the stream until she finds some bloodstains. She calls out Peeta's name and then suddenly she hears a voice: "You hear to finish me off, sweetheart?" (19.19).
  • It's Peeta and he's camouflaged like crazy in the mud and leaves of the stream bank. That must have been one of his skills. He's also wounded VERY badly.
  • Katniss starts to help him out of the mud when Peeta whispers to her that they're supposed to be in love so it's OK for her to kiss him. Katniss laughs.
  • Katniss washes Peeta off and then tends to his wounds. She digs out the tracker jacker stingers and applies the leaves like Rue did for her. Next, she applies the burn cream and then fever reducer.
  • Then? The wound Cato gave him in his legs. Oozing and festering, it looks terrible. What to do? She uses some of the leaves to draw the pus out, then ointment and bandages.
  • As Katniss washes Peeta's shorts in the stream, she learns that Peeta hasn't gotten anything from the sponsors. Peeta comments that Haymitch favors her – because they're just alike.
  • Realizing Peeta can't move very far, Katniss constructs a shelter from some of the cave-like rocks, which she camouflages.
  • Peeta is burning with fever and when he starts talking about not making it, Katniss gives him a kiss to shut him up. It works.
  • She steps out of the cave for a moment and what does she see? A pot of hot broth. The message from Haymitch: romance = sponsors. More kissing!
  • Katniss comes back to the cave ready for romance. She kisses the sleeping Peeta awake and shows him the broth.

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