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The Hunger Games Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

  • Katniss wakes up, weak and dizzy to find Peeta nursing her. He feeds her and tells her to rest. He doesn't appear mad at her for drugging him.
  • It's raining outside, which Katniss knows is probably aimed at Cato and Thresh. She tells Peeta about everything that happened at the Cornucopia, including Thresh letting her go because he owed her a debt.
  • Peeta doesn't seem to understand, but Katniss says it's like the bread he gave her as a child. Katniss feels tears in her eyes thinking about Thresh dying. She tells Peeta she wants to go home.
  • Katniss sleeps more and, when she wakes, the two eat what's left of the food. They're still famished.
  • Realizing that romance is the way to get more food, Katniss decides to play up the lovey-dovey thing some more. She takes his hand and apologizes for drugging him. Peeta warns her not to do it again.
  • The two spar a little and Katniss feels something – she's not sure what – and before you know it the two are lip-locked. For real! Katniss tells us that this is the first kiss she's had with him that makes her want another.
  • No more hanky-panky for Katniss, though. The two snuggle down in the sleeping bag and get some rest.
  • The next day, the rains continue, and Katniss and Peeta grow hungrier. Time for more romance!
  • Katniss asks Peeta when he got a crush on her. He tells her the first day of school. He also mentions that his own father wanted to marry her mother. (WHOA.)
  • Peeta said he knew he was a goner for her when in music class she stood up and sang the valley song. Of course, he could never work up the nerve to talk to her.
  • Katniss is happy but also super-confused. These details sound real. Is Peeta actually telling the truth? Is he actually in love with her?
  • Katniss stutters through some more words and then leans in to kiss him. That's when she hears a clunk outside: a tureen of lamb stew and rice! Looks like the romance plot worked.

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