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The Hunger Games Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

  • Katniss and Peeta eat a small portion of the stew, knowing if they gorge themselves, they'll get sick. Then it's more kissy face for the camera.
  • Katniss teases Peeta for liking a girl from the Seam, but he reminds her that if she wins, she'll be living in Victor's Village in a fancy new house. Their neighbor, of course, would be Haymitch. (HA.)
  • The two tease Haymitch a bit, which the audience probably enjoys. Katniss realizes that she might not get along with Haymitch very well in person, but the two have been able to communicate throughout the Games. She understands his messages through the gifts he sends.
  • Katniss asks Peeta how Haymitch won the Hunger Games. Peeta says by outsmarting the others. Maybe Katniss has been underestimated Haymitch.
  • The anthem plays and Katniss finds out Thresh is dead. She's pretty bummed. They realize Cato will be hunting them.
  • The two take turns sleeping and watching and eating. Katniss considers that they might actually win. What would she do? Who would she be?
  • Who will Peeta be, she wonders? Will they be friends? Something beyond that? She thinks of Gale.
  • In the morning the two eat the rest of the food and set out to hunt. As the two move through the forest, Peeta is, unfortunately, SUPER-loud. He stomps and clumps and scares off the game.
  • Katniss asks him to take his boots off and the two of them are a little quieter, but not much.
  • The two decide to split up: Peeta will gather roots and Katniss will hunt. She teaches him a whistle to use to say he's OK.
  • After having caught some game, Katniss realizes she hasn't heard the whistle in a bit. She whistles, no response. Back at their meeting point, she sees a bunch of berries that have been gathered, but no Peeta.
  • Suddenly, he appears and Katniss is relieved but still angry at him for not whistling. She also notices that some of their food is gone.
  • That's when the cannon fires. The hovercraft appears, and they see Foxface lifted out of the arena.
  • That's right: crafty old Foxface ate some of the berries Peeta collected. Apparently, they were poisonous!

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